Complete solution for acquisition and analysis of data.

Data acquisition at remote locations, quick analysis for real-time alerts and advanced analysis for predictions and process optimization.

TVS Cloud


Intuitive user interface

Control panel enables easy access to the collected data in real-time and management of TVS One devices.

Reliability and modularity

Due to highly modular design, we can provide a customized set of tools for analysis and management, adjusted to individual business’s requirements. Our main strength is development of statistical models for predictions and anomaly detection, which support optimizations and alerting system.


Services like user creation, visualisation of data, statistical model predictions, real-time analysis and alerting system can be easily configured from our web interface.



Data never leaves our system, which decreases likelyhood of data leakage. For highly sensitive applications we can also deploy the system on the servers owned by the customer.


TVS One supports WiFi, GSM (2G / 3G) and LoRa communication. Battery power backup can be added for power outage reporting.



Wide variety of interfacing options allows integration of every device that supports one of the standard communication protocols (CAN bus, I2C, SPI, analog, OneWire etc.)

IP 67

TVS One device is built to endure outdoor conditions.

Our focus areas


With our systems you can take benefit of Agriculture 4.0. Take advantage of precision agriculture and increase your productivity without reducing environmental sustainability.


Smart grid, smart gas distribution.

Infrastructure monitoring

Measure deflections on metal structures, vibrations on bridges and more, know what is happening with your infrastrucure at any time.

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About us

Televerse stands for advanced telemetry solutions. Development of proprietary measurement units allows us to connect wide variety of sensors and smart devices, while also securely storing all data on one place. Our web service then performs real-time analysis and immediate alerts about anomalies. We also provide tools for predictions and process optimization based on advanced statistical methods *.
* in development


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